Sketch, develop, ship faster

In a web agency, the person who deals with clients probably has a background in development or at least is comfortable with a computer. With basic knowledge, the linotype system allows them to create a navigable site base with a mokup design and generate a nice technical specification document. This work becomes the basic structure for frontend and backend developers! Do not waste any more time transmitting information internally. Ship faster!

Use your code everywhere

The project does not always require the same management tool or sometimes the client wants a specific one. With linotype you don't have to worry about that anymore. Your code can be plugged into Drupal, Wordpress, Symfony or in a standalone project.

Develop back & front at the same time

It is sometimes difficult to plan your backend and frontend developers in multiple projects. With linotype it is possible to start the development front before the back and vice versa thanks to the basic static configuration. You are free to develop an element in static and add a back system afterwards.

Find the bad guy

In the team creation of sites, it happens that several internal developers, interns, external, work on the same project. Despite the guidelines, no one always codes the same way. The worst is having several developers on the same feature. The linotype system encapsulates each development and makes it easy to find who coded what, and to act accordingly. An advantage for team code management on multiprojects.
The list of advantages is being written...
Last modified 1yr ago